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Backstage-Rehearsing [Photography © Aurélien Guérout]

European Pedagogy

At The French Piano Academy, our aim is to provide an Educational experience that transports you, or your children, back to Paris, France. Combining French Conservatory textbooks and methods into a bi-lingual experience (all classes are either taught in English or French), we are able to deliver a faithful European musical education for local inhabitants of Los Angeles.

Hard Work = Success

Because we strongly believe in hard work and the importance of merit, we insist that our students practice their instrument on a daily basis. Not only does this mindset allows them to be ready for their respective concert, it cements a structured and gradual approach to knowledge. In other words, there is never a stressful time for the responsible student and progress always feels natural.

Analyze This !

We also motivate our students in understanding the material they're apprehending, that's why basic Theory / Harmony is covered as well. In a time when the music education curriculum -as taught in regular schools- is reduced to a bare minimum, we are proud to challenge the analytical mind of our student body.

Learning Curve, Building Blocks and Calendar

Successful education requires a strict learning curve to be effective. Logically, we place high importance in an orderly approach to building blocks. Following a precise calendar including semesters, vacations and a gala concert capping off the year, we organize our program on a yearly basis and provide our students with a timely sense of organization.

Experienced Staff = Student Experience

Our teachers are -without exception- graduates from highly respected European Music Conservatories / Schools with, often, a secondary Bachelor's Degree / Master's Degree from a renowned US College or Conservatory such as Berklee College of Music. Because our instructors went through the same steps as our students, they share their accumulated experience to constantly better the Academy's pedagogical ideal.