Private Instruction Policies

  1. An interview is required prior to acceptation. After evaluation, a class level will be assigned to the student. Class length is determined by the instructor based on class requirements.
  2. Lessons are billed on a monthly basis. Tuition is to be paid in full by the 1st of the month whether or not all lessons are attended.
  3. Cancellation notice must be given to the Academy at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson. Make-Up lesson must be scheduled within 21 days of the original cancelled lesson date otherwise the lesson credit will be void.
  4. Payment for a lesson cancelled by the student cannot be transferred to the next billing cycle.
  5. "No-Shows", lessons cancelled less than 24 hours before appointment time (including cancellations due to sickness) cannot be made up.
  6. If your lesson is cancelled by the instructor, a make-up lesson will be provided by the Academy. As an alternative, lesson credit can be forwarded to the next billing cycle.
  7. The student must arrive to his/her lesson on time. In deference to subsequent private students, lessons will end on schedule without overtime.
  8. Except for the first lesson, parents are not allowed to sit in class.
  9. The Academy reserves the right to discontinue lessons in case of lack of interest, frequent absence and / or tardiness, behavioral problems or failure to abide by Academy policies.
  10. A Piano or Keyboard is required for home practice.